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  • Relaxing Mineral Bath Salt Corn & Callus Care Supplies aromaandrosescandle
  • Relaxing Mineral Bath Salt Corn & Callus Care Supplies aromaandrosescandle
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Lavender + Jasmine Bath Salt

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Lavender + Jasmine Bath Salt

What better way to indulge in yourself than with a relaxing mineral bath salt infusion. Melt the day away when you soak in a delightful and relaxing soothing therapeutic foot scrub. Our foot bath salt helps to ease foot stress and aids in exfoliating and bringing softness back to your feet.

Formulated with organic crystalized Himalayan pink salt, white coarse Epsom salt, dead sea salt, and dried botanical aromatic herbs to relieve foot tension and scrub impurities. While the soothing fragrance of essential oils calm your senses and adds to the aromatherapy atmosphere.

Choose from

  • Lavender Jasmine Rose Bath Salt (calming sensation)
  • Chamomile Jasmine Rose Bath Salt (relaxing sensation)

(1) Bath/foot salt soak (226 g)

(1) Bamboo wooden scoop (1/2 tsp)

(1) Cotton mesh reusable bath salt soaker bag (4x3 in)


All-natural ingredients. Himalayan sea salt, oatmeal, dead sea salt, Epsom salt, organic dried botanical herbal flowers, jasmine essential oils, rose essential oils, castile soap, other scented essential oils, sodium bicarbonate, rose water, jasmine water, & jojoba oil.

Both scents can be used as an all-body relaxing experience in a bathtub or foot soaker. Add warm water to a small basin large enough for your feet to fit. You can either add a few scoops of the bath salt into the small basin or foot soaker and submerge your feet for 30 minutes or more. Or you can add a few scoops of bath salts to the reusable soaker bag and place it into the small basin and soak your feet. Or you can also use 113 g (4 oz) of the container in a bathtub and immerse your body in the tub for a relaxing bath. For a bubble bath, mineral bath salt experience add our shower gel gold to your tub bathwater.


Do not ingest, discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs, and please consult with a health medical professional if skin irritation occurs. Call poison control or call emergency personnel in case of any medical situation. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Delicately handmade in Florida to bring the spa and its tranquility scents, to your home.

Lavender + Jasmine Bath Salt luxury gifts by Aroma & Roses Candle Co.