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Sometimes you want to feel sensual, daring, or relaxed. So what better way than to pair your mood with a scented candle or fragrance. We've made it easy for you to choose your ideal scent. Take this quiz and take 10% off your order.



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Earthy Floral

A sweet walk through a garden fragrance with a touch of soft herbs. Indulge in our earthy floral candle scents. Choose from our 170 g or 226 g sized candle. 


Experience freshly cut aromatic botanical florals while relaxing in a warm bath. Savor the moment with our treasured gentle floral scented candles. Our 170 g and 226 g size clear glass will compliment your home decor.


Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home with our decadent perfumed woody candles with a sprinkle of masculinity yet delicate and pure aromas. Presented in our lovely 226 g amber jar. 

Sweet Sensual

Discover how tantalizing a luxurious fragrant and sweet aromatic candle changes your mood in an instant.  


Experience a 5-star spa resort scented candle from the comfort of your home. Bring relaxation to you.


Our exotic blends are crafted with aromatherapy and clean fresh ingredients.