1. What are your shipping times?

Shipping times are between Mondays - Thursdays from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM EST. Times may vary depending on US holidays, when you place your orders, or other external factors beyond our control.

In order for your items to arrive during the week and not sit in a hot warehouse for a weekend, we ship between Monday - Thursday. 

Please keep in mind that these times may vary depending on external factors such as weather conditions, post office working times, and US holidays.

  1. When will I receive my product(s)?

All of our products are made to order with the exception of our candles. So that the utmost level of care and attention is placed on your items. This also allows for the highest quality aromatherapy scents available when you receive your products. 

All candles need 84 hours of curing time. We have enough candles in stock for ordering and we try to restock as necessary. Depending on demand some candles may become out of stock before we can restock them. In that case please subscribe to those items to be notified via email as to when those items become available again.

Therefore, your orders will be shipped between Monday - Thursday between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM after three days of processing in our shop. This does not include the post office delivery time frame.

Example 1, if you place your order for, in stock items any time on Friday - Sunday, we will assemble your order on Monday and ship your item Thursday. We will send you notification via email of the status of your order.

Example 2, if you order in stock items on Monday, we will process your order on Tuesday and ship it on Thursday. We will send you notification via email of the status of your order.

Example 4, if you place your order for, in stock items on Tuesday, we will process your order on Wednesday and ship it on the following Monday. Notifications on the status of your order will be sent via email.

Example 5, if you place your order for, in stock items on Wednesday, we will process your order on Thursday and ship it the following Tuesday. Please check your email for order confirmation and status.

If you have any questions please email us at sandra@aromaandrosescandle.com.

  1. What if I receive a defective product?

We strive for your items to leave our premises without any defect, but things during transit may occur. If your product is defective please take a picture of the item, email sandra@aromaandrosescandle.com with the picture, invoice, and a description of what happened and the defect, if it was our error or shipping error we will reship the item or you can get an in store credit. If the defect was made after use then you assume all damages as all sales are final.

  1. What if I want expedited shipping?

There will be several shipping methods at checkout for you to choose from including expedited shipping or priority shipping. However, curing times for candles that are not in stock will still be taken into effect.

  1. What are your return policies?

No returns (exclusions apply). Only store credit. Must be on unused items. Massage oils will not be accepted. Clothing (our bathrobe or headband) will not be accepted. Torn or open items will not be accepted. Please check our return policy here.

  1. What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all major US credit cards (Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club), also Apple pay, Google pay, Paypal, and Amazon pay.

  1. What if I don't want to include my cell phone number or my email address during checkout?

In order to receive your shipping tracking number and up to date shipping information you must enter either your email address or cell phone number or both. It also helps for communication between our customers.

  1. If I provide my email and subscribe would I be receiving spam messages?

Absolutely not. You will only receive promotions or updates to our store.

  1. What are the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter?

You will be able to receive entries to our prizes or you can be an automatic winner for being a valuable customer.

  1. What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is the base oil used for our massage oil. Some essential oils if applied directly to your skin can be harmful. Therefore, we use jojoba as our carrier oil. To learn more about jojoba click here and read more about why we use jojoba.

  1. What is the difference between paraffin wax, soy wax, coconut wax, and paraffin blend wax?

The difference between paraffin and soy is that the soot emitted by paraffin candles is generally darker than the soot emitted by soy or coconut wax candles. The amount of soot emitted depends on the wick gauge used. Although, testing has debunked that notion.

Paraffin is a nonrenewable resource while soy and coconut are both plant based waxes.

Paraffin wax is made from crude oil and then refined, while soy wax is made from soybeans which is considered a renewable product. Coconut is made from the meat of the coconut and it is also considered a renewable product.

Paraffin blend is part soy and part paraffin, or part coconut and part paraffin. Paraffin blend has a high fragrance as paraffin with the appealing white look of soy or the creamy look of coconut.

Coconut, soy, and paraffin waxes are safe to use and safe to burn at home or anywhere in doors. 

At Aroma & Roses Candle Co we use coconut blend waxes which include other plant based waxes as well as paraffin wax to increase the aroma emitted by each of our candles.

  1. Can I order scents that are not listed on your website?

Unfortunately not. We will update fragrances as our business grows and since we cater to the aromatherapy and spa experience, we will more than likely have scents that you will probably find at a spa. 

  1. What is your available scent list?

All our products have their individual scents. Please refer to the item scent description of your choice for the available scent. 

  1. If an item is out of stock can I preorder?

Yes, some items may have a preorder button. By clicking on the preorder button you will purchase the item now and you will be sent an email message when the item has shipped. 

  1. When do you normally restock items?

Items are restocked as soon as they are made. Since every item (candle, massage oil) is handmade, a few weeks will lapse before any item has time to cure and become available.

  1. When will I know when an item is restocked?

If you are subscribed to our mailing list, you will receive a notification. If you have clicked on the notify me when this item becomes available button then you will be notified via email when that time will become available for purchase. Or you can preorder that item if the option is available.

  1. What if none of my questions or concerns are listed above?

Please email sandra@aromaandrosescandle.com or click on the chat bubble or use the contact us link located in the footer menu. For an instant reply use the chat during office hours.

All emails will receive a response in 24 hours. When using email as your preferred use of communication please include your name and item you are referring to for a faster response.

  1. Do you offer custom orders?

We do not accept custom orders at this time. We can, however, create a large batch of candles or any of our other products for events such as bridal showers, wedding gifts, or party favors.

We would need an exact count of the number of products needed and a three week in advance notice to gather all the supplies necessary for your order. A mandatory 75% deposit will be applied to all bulk/wholesale orders or you can pay for the entire order up front. Please email us at sandra@aromaandrosescandle.com for more information on large orders for your event.

Please inquire about our wedding candle packages. We will offer to coordinate accessories (aroma diffuser necklace colors) and candle colors for your event. So email sandra@aromaandrosescandle.com for more information.

  1. My candle is not burning correctly? or My wick is drowning in the wax. What should I do?

We tested our wicks and used the best and safest burning wicks for your candle. What your candle is experiencing is a form of tunneling. This form of tunneling occurs when the candle is not burned until a full layer of wax or 1/2' of melted wax layer is seen. To avoid this you should burn your candle for at least two hours.  However, if you're not burning the candle for at least two hours tunneling may occur. To alleviate it just burn it for two hours to level out the wax.

  1. Would you be offering new products?

Yes, we have a list of new candle containers, fragrance spray, men line, facial scrubs, bath soaks, apparel, accessories, and many other aromatherapy items to increase your spa experience at home.

If you're subscribed to our mailing list you will be the first to know about our products.

  1. Is Aroma & Roses on social media?

Absolutely, you can follow us on Instagram at @aromaandrosescandle or on Facebook at @aromaandrosescandle and tag us with your purchase, inspirational quote, suggest something you would like to see in our store, or find out about discounts and offers.

You can also learn more about us on our social media and get exclusive insights on our essential oils, chat with us, learn something new, and be a part of our growing aromatherapy Rose community. We would love to see you there.

   22. Why Do I have to create an account?

Creating an account with Aroma & Roses Candle Co is safe, fast, and easy and very convenient. It allows for you to save your previous purchase for faster reordering. It allows for you to receive exclusive offers. Creating an account also notifies you of when you leave items in your cart that can possibly be eligible for a discount. It lets you store your delivery and billing address for faster checkout. The best part is that you can track your communication with us at any time and have up to date information on your current and previous orders.