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bringing the spa and its tranquility scents to your home.You know when the minute you get home from work you have household duties, mommy duties, and wife duties you have to do? Or After a long work week your body aches and you can hardly comfortably sleep at night only to do that all over again, day after day?

So you finally have some free time and you book a relaxing spa session for a much needed massage and a facial. They give you a soft white comfy warm robe, fluffy white slippers, a glass of rosé, while warm, floral, and citrus, scents permeates the air, and oceanic sound waves plays faintly in the distance.

The aromatic scents of the spa brings your anxiety down and your relaxation therapy has just begun the moment you stepped into the spa. 

However, the instant you leave the spa you felt as if the 900 plus dollars you just spent didn't last too long and the experience vanished extremely too fast.

Yeah, well that's what I used to feel like when I used to book my spa sessions.

Hola mi gente bella, my name is Sandra Taylor and I started this company because I love going to the spa and getting facials and smelling the aromatic scents of the products they used there. I also love the relaxing and calming feeling and the atmosphere of when I stepped inside the spa. Moreover, my husband loved getting massages and he felt like a brand new person every time his kinks and knots were smoothed out. So we made it a tradition to book a spa treatment at least once a month but that was getting costly so we scaled it down to one for his birthday and another for any one time special occasion to feel rejuvenated and recuperated.

 However, we felt as if we shouldn't have to limit our relaxation because of the expensive cost of a spa retreat. So we tried to recreate those relaxing calming spa sessions at home. We were on the hunt for our luxury at home spa treatment.

 But, most scents sold in stores were filled with too much chemicals and preservatives as well as it not having the ideal scents we inhaled at the expensive spas we usually frequented. Not to mention, that most 'spa-in-a-box' gift sets were just random and themeless items compiled together. It didn't appeal to the luxury spa treatment my husband and I were looking for and expected from those so called spa boxes.

Therefore, Aroma & Roses Candle was born. We combined the scents of aromatherapy and the spa experience at home to have an inexpensive way to relax at the same time. The best part was that since we had our own products we can use them more than once and recreate the relaxing and tranquil experience whenever we wanted. Plus we were able to know exactly what goes into the products that we used because we were creating it for ourselves and now we are bringing it to your home as well.

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Bringing the spa and its tranquility scents to your home.

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