What's Your Love Language?

What's Your Love Language?

There’s five love languages (words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch) and although we can belong to one love language and connect with that one more than the other, we at different times in our lives will fall into any of the four love languages.

During the month of February we have circled back again into the gift giving season and Aroma & Roses Candle Co. have curated four love language scents for you. However, we also know that finding the right scent isn’t quite as easy as we think it is. 

Do I choose:

Dark Love; a scent that expresses the boldness and the fearlessness within you. Love hard we paired this scent with the words of affirmation love language since knowing what you need and expressing them into words is a bold move take.

Drunken Love; a scent that entices you to loosen up and unwind with a glass of wine. This sweet wine scent will take you to a wine country vineyard. Love freely has a better ring to it when a gift is attached to it who doesn’t like to receive gifts but when the gift fulfills our most wanted needs then receiving gifts love language is the scent for you.

Sensual Love; a scent that will give you spicy, sweet, and naughty when you light this candle. Love Dangerously we thought about how the sense of touch paired perfectly with this scent so the physical touch love language spoke to us when this scent was created.

Spiritual Love; a scent that will unite your soul, mind, and spirit with a soothing relaxing feel. Love holy being in touch with your inner self and sharing those moments with someone else or a spiritual being inspired this scent and also paired well with the quality time love language.

I know they all sound like a collection you need right now and you should splurge but first let’s get ourselves on one accord and move on from there.

Below you’ll learn more about you based on where you’re at right now or where you’re at everyday. The four love languages are described let’s see how well we did in describing your love language and when you purchase your paired candle let us know how you’ve connected with your love language scent. Try the others to connect even more.

1 Words of affirmation

From time to time we all need an ego boost and some encouragement either how you physically look or how you make someone else feel or telling you how you’re loved or how an incredibly amazing person you are. We all need that but there’s people whose love language need it more than others. 

How do you know if words of affirmation is your love language?

1 Does it make you happy and puts a smile on your face when the person you love and care about leaves a cute note on the fridge for you, sends you a text not only asking about your day but also taking the time just to let you know at random times how they miss you and something special about you

2 Is it important for you and it makes your day to get praises from your job, family, or friends

3 Are you actively seeking for someone to tell you that you’re doing great and keep it up? Or are you that person that tells other you’re awesome so that they can tell you that in return?

If so words of affirmation is your love language

2 Acts of service

How often do you come home from work and are exhausted or how about you’re a stay at home mom or dad and your workload (cooking, cleaning, caring for the kids) has you going in circles and the more you do the more piles up? And all you need is a helping hand but you can’t quite or better yet want your partner to notice without you saying something? Raise your hands if that's you because I feel like this at times.

Well what if one day you come home and the house is neat smells good and everything is clean and organized and all you have to do is run your bath water to shower take the day off and relax. 

If when your home is clean toys are put away dishes are actively in the dishwasher washing is what sets your mood then you enjoy when help comes your way without asking for it or making a fuss about it. 

3 Receiving gifts

Although we may receive gifts for our birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day, or any other holiday, but when we receive a just because gift on any other day you feel good and appreciated.

This gift although we may think we want an expensive Louis Vuitton or Birkin handbag in reality, you can’t put a price tag on your gift specially if you aren’t expecting to receive that gift in the first place. It’s always the thought behind the gift the time that person took out of their day to think about you, to get in their car (or online now a days) to actively search for something for you, gift wrap it (optional), and give it to you that gives this gift a meaningful thought behind it. 

If receiving thoughtful non holiday gifts is what gets you excited and smiling from ear to ear then your love language is receiving gifts.

4 Quality time

Having someone’s undivided attention to just listen to you speak about the latest trends, your day, a show you’re excited about, your team winning, or what gets you going without any interruptions and a heartfelt comment is received because you know that a nod or a wow or that’s crazy could’ve been their response then you know that person knows your love language and wants you to know that they understand that quality time is important to you even if you’re washing dishes or having dinner, or are in a long drive home from the vet at 4am in the morning.

Quality time to you doesn’t only mean having a dinner date or a movie date night. Quality time is actively engaging in each other’s company and soaking in the attention that the other person gives to you.

5 Physical touch

How many times you’re laying in bed and your significant other gives you that touch you know they want something? And guess what happens you instinctively shut down and suddenly you’re too tired to do anything. I know I’m not the only one here. There’s time when physical touch is meant as a sign of love and affection in a way that conveys I'm here for you and love you.

The physical touch love language goes way deeper than just a touch. Is a caress of the arms, a touch of strand of hair and tucking it behind your ear, is a sweet peck on the lips, is that smile as they look at you and hold your hands that gets you happy that gives you that serene state of mind.

Which love language are you? And rank them from 1-4 in the comments.

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