How To Brand Your Business in 5 Steps

How To Brand Your Business in 5 Steps

I know that when we hear the word branding, we all believe that your business color combination, your business logo design, and your business name means branding. However, all the above items are essential and related to branding your business, but it’s not THE BRANDING that we’re going to be discussing in this post. In this blog post on How to Brand Your Business in 5 Steps, we’ll define, explain, and take a deep dive into how to brand your business and get your business to be known.


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    Branding is creating a solid perception of your business, your products, and your message in your ideal market or customer’s mind. It’s when you know your business core values and can tell anyone about your products, and the word “umm” and even  stuttering are not even in your vocabulary. You should be able to feel confident when you’re explaining to someone what your business is about and what your services are. Branding can be compared to when you have a defined “slogan” about your business. 

    For example, my business is selling candles. Still, my market is aromatherapy, and my target audiences are people who enjoy the spa and would like to recreate the luxury spa experience at home. Therefore, my message/slogan is “Bringing the spa and its tranquility scents to your home.” 

    You must present your message in every piece of content that you put out on social media so that when people see your brand, they correlate your message of whatever you want to convey with your product, with your pictures, and with your advertising. Your colors, logo, and name should enhance your message and flow with it. My colors are white and gold and black. The color white for purity, clean, and serene; gold for luxury, high-end, and top quality; and black for bold, attention, and statement.

    Your branding is not only what lets you stand out from the crowd but sets you apart, makes a lasting impression on your potential customers, and transforms fans into customers. Your branding should convert your customers into lifetime buyers who will recommend your products, will advocate for your business, and will repeat your slogan/mission statement as well as purchase for others.

    Your brand is what perception people have for your company.


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    1. With the proper branding it lets you stand out from the competition
    2. Builds your brand recognition
    3. Creates a consistent brand experience for your customers
    4. Sparks a connection with your audience and turns that audience into loyal customers


      FIRST: You have to create a mission statement/slogan

      A slogan or statement is a short concise sentence that describes your business core values. It can be witty, funny, elegant, or an emotional phrase that’s catchy and memorable.

      SECOND: Create a guideline for your business or a plan that details your business goals, marketing to social media, or which platform you’ll be using to primarily search for customers and how you’ll be doing that; basically, plan out your content. Checkout my book Candle Making Business Hacks: A Beginner’s Guid to Tips, Tricks, & Social on Amazon for more information on social media marketing and watch my YouTube marketing video Marketing Your Luxury Candles.  

      Creating guideline for your business will help resonate or connect with your audience and know what they like or don’t like. And also include plans for new arrivals, collections, email marketing, and how you will target your audience. For this guideline ensure to include your brand colors, fonts, and your brand voice. 

      Your brand voice is how you will relate your content to your audience. For example, if you’re in the cooking niche, your tone of voice could be playful, and you should use jargon that your audience relates to and understands instead of having a more serious vibe where it will not click with your customers nor with your content. But primarily, keep it unique to you and be yourself. Add your personality into your brand voice so that it will be super easy to keep the momentum going and your authenticity will be real.

      THIRD: Your website creation. Your website should have your brand colors, fonts, logo, and mission statement everywhere you can plug it in. And everything should flow and feel cohesive. If your brand is luxury, it should have the elements that connect a luxury brand visually through your content, voice, and mission statement. Also, make sure that your packaging meets the expectation that you’re relaying to your audience. My first video tells you more than I can in this post so if you haven’t watched How to Start a Luxury Candle Making Business from Home  should do so by clicking the title. Be knowledgeable about your niche, your customers, and what you want your brand to represent by conducting research.


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      FOURTH: Invest in your business marketing plan and have a strategy. Business cards, flyers, ads, pick a social media and stay consistent by having a posting schedule and a theme for each post. Instagram gives you a grid of three photos to post. So for one row, create a theme. For instance, if your niche is in astrology, then for a row of three pictures, you can post pictures or videos of your candles with the astrology sign for that month in that row. The next three posts can be about tarot cards with your products, and lastly, the next three post can be about a message or tip. So, in an essence, you’re keeping every third post in the same cohesive look. And once you have mastered that social media platform, then join another social media platform by repurposing your content such as using your Instagram content and reusing it on Pinterest.

      FIFTH: Study your analytics and know what content worked and what didn’t. If you have a business or influencer Instagram account, then you have access to your analytics. By studying your analytics, you’ll know when your audience is more active and what content yielded the most shares, likes, and engagement. You’ll also know what age groups gravitate to your content and how to better market and create content for them. Don’t just skim over your analytics; learn from it and use it to convert followers into your clients and into your regular customers. If you’re already selling on your website, collect emails by enticing your customers so that you can retarget them with your products or new arrivals or about your business by nourishing your email list. 

      Remember that your products have a life cycle, but your brand is everlasting.



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      So, create an everlasting brand that keeps people coming to you for either information, new products, learning more about you and your business, and just checking up on you and referring their friends to your business.

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