A Quick & Simple Way to Release Stress Before Bed

A Quick, Simple, & Natural Way to Release Stress Before Bed

If you’re like me and don’t let the little stuff bother you but when all of those little bothersome stuff happens within the same week and piles up to cause stress! What do you do? How can you relieve that tension? And now, with the Covid-19 pandemic a constant nagging stress that just won't go away, how do you manage that?

In this article, a quick, simple, & natural way to release stress before bed, you'll learn the benefits of releasing stress at home and the simple way to achieve it before going to be. 



Well what works for me is a warm shower with the lights off and the spa & luxury scent candle lit. The calming and soothing fragrance notes of jasmine, lavender, and lily helps relax me right before bed. 

Not to mention that it sets the mood for my body to relax. Dimming the lights and just letting the candle light glimmer in the bathroom, mimics the soothing feel of a spa. 

In order to maximize your stress release session, turn the shower on and light the candle five minutes or more prior to your shower so that the bathroom can get warm enough to spread the candle aroma in the room. Make sure to close the door and step outside for those five minutes.  

Once those five minutes are up, you’ll walk into a room filled with warmth, relaxation, and a soothing calming scent. Then dim the lights and walk into your shower and feel how the aroma in the room seeps into your pores. To add more zen into your session, try adding music either forest or ocean sounds in the background. And if you have more time and want to spruce up your session, instead of a shower try a warm bath.



One of the best therapies for your skin is massages. And what better way to end your home relaxation spa session? Obviously, the addition is to add massage oils. Our massage oil is infused with 100 percent organic and pesticide free jojoba. Naturally and locally harvested in the US to give your skin a much needed TLC. 

Jojoba absorbs quickly since it has the same properties as your skin. Massaging your skin not only helps with circulation but adding jojoba to your skin, also provides essential nourishments.

Let me know if A Quick, Simple, & Natural Way to Release Stress Before Bed was a quick treatment that worked for you as I guarantee that it's a match made in home spa heaven.

Brings calmness, tranquility, and coolness to give you a hint of a grandiose and luxury feeling.

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