7 Coconut Wax Suppliers That Won’t Use Food-Grade Paraffin In Their Coconut Wax Blend

7 Coconut Wax Suppliers That Won’t Use Food-Grade Paraffin In Their Coconut Wax Blend

You can make coconut wax by blending coconut oil with any other hard wax. Just keep in mind that coconut is a very soft wax and you should have a higher percentage of the harder wax than coconut oil. However, if you’re not a pro at candle wax making like me and prefer to purchase a ready-made coconut wax blend then you’re in the right place. We'll discuss the use of coconut wax with no added paraffin and the websites where you can purchase these paraffin-free coconut wax so you can market your candles as vegan and all natural safe product.

I have a video and a blog post titled Coconut, Soy, or Paraffin Wax Which is Best for Your Luxury Candle Business if you haven’t watched it you can click on this link or you can read the blog post here and there I compare soy wax vs paraffin wax vs coconut wax different waxes and give you the pros and cons of each but I didn’t go into depth as to where you can purchase any of these waxes. However, in this post, I compiled 7 websites that offer paraffin-free coconut blend waxes for your candle making business.

But first a little background on coconut wax.

First and foremost, coconut is not a nut but a fruit and it belongs to the palm family and is the only fruit to belong in the Cocos genus. 

Because the coconut fruit resembles the three indentations of the human head (the eyes, nose, and mouth), the coconut fruit name was derived from the 16th-century Portuguese and Spanish word that means skull.

Coconut was originally used for its medicinal properties such as treating illnesses, infections, wounds, promoting bone growth, and was used as a skin barrier against blemishes. Therefore, aside from using coconut for food coconut has many benefits.

The coconut fruit has a higher water content than most fruits so if you had nothing but coconuts on a deserted island then eating the meat and drinking its juice will keep you alive.

The oil from the coconut fruit has been widely used in many industries around the world such as in cosmetics, hair products, food ingredients, moisturizers, soap recipes, and most recently candle making.

Coconut wax must always be blended with other waxes because coconut wax alone is primarily coconut oil that had hardened because of cooler temperatures. If you pick up hardened coconut oil it will immediately melt within your fingertips because of the warmth of your hands.

I know there are waxes that when you pick it up it leaves an oily substance in your hands, however, virgin coconut oil (not blended with any other wax) will melt. Think about the reaction that cotton candy makes when you put it in your mouth. The immediate contact with a liquid the cotton candy melts. Likewise, virgin coconut oil will do the same when if in solid form and you pick up a small amount at a time it will melt.

There are different forms of coconut oil (copra coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, organic coconut oil, & virgin coconut oil) and there are different ways of extracting the oil from the coconut fruit (the dry process also called the cold/expeller press, the wet process or hydrolysis, and the solvent extraction). We are not going to get into details about the different forms of coconut or the different extraction processes in this post because we’re going to discuss the 7 Coconut wax suppliers that don’t use food-grade paraffin in their coconut blend but first let’s get to know the benefits.

6 Benefits of Coconut Wax in Candles

  1. Coconut wax is a renewable and high-yield crop which means that fewer coconuts are needed to get a lot of product. Therefore, making coconut a very good eco-friendly wax because of how its sourced. 

  1. Coconut wax burns slower and evenly making coconut wax a great wax to make candles with. A slow-burning candle means that it can stay lit longer and you can enjoy the fragrance from the candle longer. An even burn means that the candle wax will burn completely leaving an even melt pool so that when you blow out the candle you will not be left with wax residue on the inside, sides of the jar.

  1. Coconut wax holds more fragrance than many waxes (except for paraffin wax alone) when blended with the correct proportions and waxes. Coconut wax can hold up to 12% fragrance oil again depending on the wax used to blend to make the coconut into wax form. However, the happy medium for coconut wax in my opinion is 8% if you’re using a coconut wax blend that contains food-grade paraffin. If you’re using a coconut wax blend without paraffin in it then 6% is said to be the best percentage of fragrance oil to use.

  1. So far because coconuts are harvested by farmers on their own land, there’s no need for pesticides or herbicides, and no giant tractors are needed because the coconuts are harvested by hand. Because of the coconut's hard exterior, there’s no need for pesticides since many pests and animals will have a hard time getting to the coconut’s fruit interior. However, we all know that with the demand for a product the supply must also increase. So this is why I say so far deforestation is not an issue and local farmers can grow coconuts in their farms and supply them to coconut oil and wax manufacturers.

  1. Coconuts are one of the very few fruits that are not genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) meaning that coconuts as of now have not been grown in a lab to produce more of their kind in mass quantities.

  1. It’s smokeless and does not create soot. Therefore, you can enjoy a carcinogen-free burning candle in your home and not have dirty walls while burning your coconut wax candle. However, there’s an exception, coconut wax blends that are high in food-grade paraffin do create a little soot but not as much as other waxes. 

Where to find coconut wax blends without paraffin


Bramble Berry Coconut Soy 


Candles & Supplies 


Aztec Candle & Soap Supply


The Flaming Candle


Fillmore Container


Lone Star Candle Supply


Candle Science


I hope you have enjoyed this post as I enjoyed compiling it together and learned a thing or two from it. Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about coconut wax and the 7 coconut wax suppliers that don’t use food-grade paraffin in their coconut blend assortment.


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