6 Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Websites

6 Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Websites

Are you stuck thinking 🤔 about what hashtags to add to your Instagram posts? Or do you add hashtags to your posts at all? I hope you even use hashtags in every one of your posts because hashtags gets your page discovered especially if people are searching for products similar to yours.

As a reminder and as of 2021 the hashtag limit for all your posts is 30 including hashtags that you add to your comments, what other people add to their comments on your post, and the hashtags that you add in the caption section of your post. 

By the way, make sure that you’re adding a description to the caption section of your post, because this is where you’ll get interaction from others scrolling through the post sea of Instagram.


The best hashtags to use are the ones that describes your picture or what you think other people will be searching as a hashtag, or what hashtags people follow. The best hashtags are the ones that many people follow because they will see your post even though they don’t follow you since it will show-up in their instagram feed.

I know that trying to find hashtags to add to your post can be a task on its own and at times you might feel like not adding any to your post will save you time.

Even though, adding hashtags doesn’t necessarily equal more followers, or more likes, and comments, but it can boost your post. 


Not adding hash tags can cost you potential eyeballs to your page. YIKES! 😱

In this article, I’ll be giving you 6 Instagram hashtag generator websites that you could use to easily create hashtags for your posts.

Hashtag symbol on a yellow card


1 Best-hashtags.com 

Best-hashtags.com gives you a list of hashtags to use based on keywords you search for.  

2 All-hashtag.com 

Gives a list of hashtags to use based on categories.


Keyboard with the word hashtags and the symbol


3 Ingramer.com 

Generates hashtags based on your keywords 

4 Influencermarketinghub.com 

Generates hashtags based on your keywords 

5 Flick.tech

Aside from generating hashtags, Flick.tech also gives you the hashtags by sizes; small, medium, and large. However, there’s a 7 Day free trial period and after, there are several affordable pricing tiers to choose from, but this site is not based in the US but rather in the UK and their currency are in pounds. 

6 Tagsfinder.com 

Same concept as the others it’s free to use and the best part is that there’s no payment option.

I hope this article 6 Instagram Hashtag Generator Websites, gave you great information on hashtags and where to find hashtags for your posts. I tried keeping this post short and straight to the point. If this article helped you, put a thumbs up in the comment section below. If you rather watch the YouTube version of this post click here.

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