5 Tips on How to Massively Grow Your Instagram With Reels

5 Tips on How to Massively Grow Your Instagram With Reels

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is with social media and since everyone is on social media then why not use it to help grow your business.

I know in many of my Instagram videos on YouTube I was so against well maybe not against more like adamant and apprehensive and definitely a whole big pill that I didn’t want to swallow to make Instagram Reels.

My main concern was that all of the reels that were popping into my feed were that of dancing reels. And because reels were a close correlation to TikTok my thoughts were that everything on Reels and Tik Tok were for dancing and entertainment purposes only. But boy was I wrong well… to a certain extent. Reels are for entertainment purposes but you can definitely manipulate the Reels to suit your needs and your niche. You just need to be creative, innovative and think outside of the box to engage your followers.

First of all, the first thing you should do is open the instagram app and make an account if you don't have one. I have a video that walks you through making a business account so that you can optimize your business account and I’ll leave that video link in the description box and in the info strip above on the screen. 

If you already have an Instagram account and are familiar with the layout then you already know where to go to find Reels and how to post them. If not I will have a video on how I use Reels and show you how I use audio on my video to create a Reel. However, in this video, I will give you 5 TIPS that will help you grow your Instagram candle business page by using Reels. So let’s dive into TIP number 1.

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TIP 1: Reels & Your Business Should Correlate

Make sure that you know your target audience and what they like to watch.

More than likely, your target audience likes candles, likes Reels, and likes to be entertained. However, that description is a list of a lot of people so you have to narrow your Reel niche down more. I suggest making a list of the Reels that you interact with and trying to incorporate that Reel into your niche and business. More than likely your Reels should reflect you as an entrepreneur, a business person, and you making your craft. Therefore, your Reels should be correlated to you and your craft. Keep in mind that not all Reels are made for business use but you can certainly tweak some to make them work for your business. 

The easiest Reels to make are the ones where celebrities voice overs are used. The celebrity voice over Reels are usually inspirational Reels in which you can use as you make a video of yourself creating your craft. These celebrities voice over audios are best because these Reels tend to appeal to many people, are emotional, inspirational, and appear in many people's Instagram feed especially if you use the right hashtags and many people follow the hashtags or the celebrities hashtags you use on your Reels post. The next best thing about these voice over audio Reels is that you don’t have w to be on camera if you’re camera shy. 

The next Reel that is also easy to use are the Reels in which you have to point at the screen and add text to make a statement about a topic that’s super interesting and super helpful. These types of Reel are the ones that you don’t have to memorize any pre-written text to lip sync to however, you do have to be on camera. 

I realized that these Reels are very converting, especially if they cause some sort of emotions or an Aha moment for those people who watch them. 

TIP 2: Trendy Music

If you’re going to use music in your Reels make sure that they are trendy music and not random music on your playlist that was trendy a few years ago and has not quite made it to the trendy Reel world yet. 

Because throwback music clips can make it to be trendy music on Reels. However, if it is not a trend yet then don’t use it because chances are that no one has used it yet and since you don’t have a huge engaging following then your Reel will probably not get too many likes or follows or engagement. So stick to the trends for now until you have a huge engaging following where they will like almost everything you post. Trust me I did this for my first few videos and they went nowhere even though the clips were nice but the music was not trendy.

The using trendy music tip is self-explanatory and along with trendy music goes trendy quotes. The trick to using trendy music comes with using music that you can use with your business and that it goes with your style and your business. Avoid music with profanity, derogatory concepts, racist comments, and music that does not mesh well with your business motto or your customers because you’ll be attracting the wrong people to your page and sending a negative message to your business. Unless if that’s what you are looking for then by all means do what works for your business.


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TIP 3: Analytics

Watch your analytics by going to your Instagram home screen and clicking on the insights tab and seeing where in the world your engagements are coming from. What time is the best time to post or rather what time is your audience engaged with your page the most, what age groups are engaging with your content, and what gender is most likely to like your content?

Knowing your analytics will let you choose the right Reels for your business, choosing the ideal time to post your Reels so that you can have higher engagement on your content, and know who to target those Reels to.

Once you know your analytics then it will be easier to know which Reels convert the most and which Reels you should avoid so that you can be consistent and searching for Reels to use will be a breeze because you have a clear view of who, what, and when your audience is most active and what they like to see from you.

TIP 4: Make A Plan

Make a plan and schedule when you should post your Reels. I recommend looking for at least three Reels to use, save them and then make a video based on the Reels you want to use. If you’re camera shy then use overhead shots of you working and you don’t have to be in the video. My recommendation is to post at least twice a day. You can either post two Reels or one Reel and a picture carousel post, or one Reel and a video post. Reels reach a wider audience because they are super short and because people’s attention span has drastically shortened, then it's a must to add Reels to your Instagram feed.

My plan:

I upload a Reel or a post between noon and three o’clock and another either Reel or post between 6-8 PM because these are the times that my audience is most active.

I upload at least 5 times a week meaning that I have 10 posts for the week.

On Saturday I repurpose my selfies and either make it a motivational quote or a happy Saturday post.

On Sunday I repurpose all my Reels and posts and add them to my stories so that people can get notified of all my posts that I had for the week in one sitting. I also follow accounts on Sunday so that those people can interact with my page because I have a color ring around my profile image with something for them to watch and interact with.


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TIP 5: Use Hashtags

And my last and obvious helpful tip of them all is to use hashtags. You can’t get away from using hashtags on your posts because they do help with your content spreading to multiple people at the same time. If you need more help with hashtags I have a video on hashtags which I link in the description box below and in the info card above. I also have this video in blog form for those of you who enjoy reading content and getting more information. In that video and blog, I provide you with 6 hashtag websites to get the most use out of your Instagram hashtag game strategy. Follow this link to read the blog post.

Leave a comment down below if you need me to update that blog post because I wrote that blog in November and a lot can change between now and then.

Remember to use at least 15 hashtags per post and Reel and the maximum number of hashtags to use is 30 hashtags, make your Instagram handle a hashtag, use small hundreds hashtag range, medium thousand hashtag range, and large millions plus hashtag range to reach many people at the same time and make better use of your post.

And as well as adding hashtags add captions. Captions are super helpful because they further engage your audience into either commenting or following or liking if they have connected with your Reel. Using captions is another step that creates a hook for people who are scrolling through Instagram and stumble upon your Reel.

So far these strategies have worked for me and I have increased my engagement and views while implementing these strategies.

In my next video, I’ll try to walk you through how I find and save the audio to make a Reel. I also took a screenshot of my Instagram page before and after posting my Reels so that I could see how my page grew and so far it's been three weeks of Reel posting and I have had more engagement and follows this way than just posting videos or pictures. However, picture carousels work too but they work best if you include a video in between the carousel so that people can be engaged with your post. I realized that people like visual stimulation and if they can connect and relate to your post some way or another it really helps your business.

Don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit the notification, and comment down below and let me know if these tips helped you or will you be implementing these tips

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