15 Ideas To Grow Your Business Fast Without Spending Too Much Money

15 Inexpensive Ways to Grow Your Business

What business owner doesn’t want to save money? I’m sure you’re here because you as a small business owner are eager and intrigued to know what are the 15 inexpensive ways to grow your business fast without spending too much money or any money at all. 

So in this article, you’ll know the 15 inexpensive ideas to grow your business using products that you already own and you’ll spend little to no money just to do this. So let’s start.

1. Create bundles or collections and make them into a gift set

Create a collection or bundle of several items preferably of three products that you already own. Group them by similar scents, shapes, use, or size. For example a wax melt, a foot scrub, and a candle. Or facial scrub, brush, or a lip balm.

Know your product. Yes, you’re selling candles, cosmetics, or jewelry but do you really know your product? If you’re selling soy candles and your strongest selling point is that it doesn’t soot or it burns cleaner than paraffin wax then your strategy is old and played out. Did you know that soy also produces soot? The difference is that some of the soot made by soy is white and hard to see and if burned long enough you’ll see it just as you can see the ones from paraffin wax (not often but it does happen).


soy wax


On that same note if you’re selling cosmetics and your strong selling point is its physical appearance such as color or texture, then rethink your marketing and give customers the main attributes of your product such as cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic, lightweight, blendable, made specifically for your skin.

The main idea here is to research your product and find new ways to educate your customers on your product. Also, take the time to learn about your audience the more you know about them the more you can market to them. Which also branches off to knowing your audience and who is your target audience. NOT EVERYONE is your target audience. 


colorful candles


2. Add color and elements to your products

Coloring your candle is great if you have clear vessels), add glitter to your cosmetics, or add dried flowers to create a new product that you already own. The main idea here is to add an element to your already own product like giving it a facelift without actually obtaining a lot of new inventory. 

3. Blend scents or blend jewelry pieces

Blend scents that you already have and create a limited edition scent. Blend jewelry pieces to create new jewelry.


20% off bag


4. Create incentives that will entice customers

Make sure that the incentive is valuable and people will be drawn to the product. For example, buy one get the other half off, or 20% off today only on whatever product you want to sell out of, or buy two get the third free, or buy two for the price of one, or buy two and get a 10% coupon off anything else in the store. Lastly, make sure that your offer is attainable. For instance, don’t offer; buy two get the third free on an item that you’re selling for $100, instead offer a 20% off on that item and make sure that even though you’re offering it at a discount, that you’re still making a profit from that sale. 

5. Offer free shipping

With shipping prices rising and the holidays fast approaching, many people would appreciate free shipping.  


free shipping box

6. Retarget previous customers

Entice previous customers by offering $10 off their next purchase if they complete a review and they can get an extra bonus if their review include pictures of their purchased product or a quick video, or an Instagram post mention. 

7. Gift wrapping

Offer gift wrapping either or free or for a small fee, or with the purchase of a certain product.


gift wrapping


8. Note Cards

Offer celebration, birthday, congrats, thank you, and etc. note cards with every order on a special paper with an envelope. Again this can either be a free offer or for a small fee.

9. Spread the word

Tell more people about your business. This can be without running ads and it can be by telling your friends, family, or people who are interested in learning about your products. 

10. Make an appearance

Do a pop-up shop at a farmers market. Pick a farmers market that is local and that has a low and affordable entrance or sign-up fee.

11. Exploit social media

Show up on social media more by commenting, posting, going live, recording a video of you making candles, and posting it on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media you have. Chat with other people on Social media that are not your followers take at least 30 min to do so. If you have time to browse then you should be browsing with a purpose and not just commenting on anyone and everyone's page but commenting on people's pages that you know are your potential customers. This brings me back to the first idea which was to know your audience. When you know your audience then it will be easy to know what they like and where they hang out. 


social media icons and iphone, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest


12. Post, Post, Post

Post a poll on Instagram or Facebook to get opinions about what you should bring out next or what scent your customers or your followers are most excited about and give them a choice and place it in your stories for your followers to vote on. The data will surprise you and you’ll be collecting useful data for your next collection and your business. Take the guesswork out on what your customer wants by adding things that they like instead of what you only like. Plus it creates hype.

13. YouTube and/or TikTok

Start a YouTube channel or TikTok account or any other social media account that you’re not regularly on. A very good good search engine aside from Google is Pinterest. Surprisingly enough Pinterest is a very useful and amazing search engine that many people gravitate towards to find design inspiration and your product can be one of them.


candle collection


14. Educate your customers

Start a blog educating your customers about items or services that you offer, or about solutions to their problems, or about tips and tricks they can use. Starting a blog in your website drives traffic back to your shop. If your search engine optimization or SEO is done correctly then organic traffic would be driven to your website. You’ll have people gravitate to your website for content and they’ll browse your products and possibly a sale would arise.

15. Update your website

Your website needs a facelift, or you don’t have a website and selling from Facebook and Instagram DM, or you’re selling on a marketplace where your candles, cosmetics, jewelry, or your handmade products are being drowned out by the competition that’s popping up on your page because that marketplace could care less about your small business just as long as you’re driving traffic to their site.


female hand with many handmade rings and jewelry and white long manicure nails


By facelift, I mean the pictures of your images are not clear, they’re too busy as in too much is going on in the picture and people are confused about what you’re selling. Or your site is not working properly, you don’t have offers to entice customers to shop such as an exit or an entrance pop up offer, or you have an offer but it’s not enticing. Maybe your website is not inviting and you need to change the layout or colors.

For example, when you walk into let’s say Sephora or a high-end department store you usually see a greeter/hostess/front door employee that welcomes you asks if you need any help offers you a shopping basket points you to the right direction or lets you now of the deals and promotions going on in the store that day. The store is decorated with a theme that’s coherent with the season or whatever promotion they’re running that week or day and the customer experience meaning you are easy and memorable.

Likewise, in your business even if it’s online you should also provide that level of experience for your customers. How you may ask, well you should offer enticing offers such as free shipping when you spend X amount of dollars and have a counter that counts down to that free shipping, let customers know via a pop up that there’s a free gift with every purchase or let them know that they can enjoy hassle-free on their returns (not that they will return it but knowing it will give them a piece of mind), optimizing your site to include clear clean coherent images of your products and a website banner or short clip. 

I’m sure that there are many other ideas that has sparked in your mind by reading this list that you came come up that caters to your customers based on your products. 

Let me know which of the ideas works for you and which you would use. Share this blog with other small business owners that you may know to add more to my cheap 15 inexpensive to grow your business fast without spending too much money post.

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