13 Website Mistakes That are Not Getting You Sales

13 Website Mistakes That are Not Getting You Sales

When was the last time that you updated your website? And I’m not talking about adding new products; I’m talking about the layout, how it flows, whether your website is coherent, whether the images are clear, whether the photos are in a white background or colorful background, and whether your website flows to convert into sales.

What you’re doing now might hinder your website growth and thus decrease sales. In today’s article, we’ll be diving into 13 website mistakes that are not getting you sales.

aroma and roses candle website on a computer screen


1 Your website has all your products listed on the main page. 

Solution: instead, showcase the top 3-4 popular products and have a subheading to view more.

2 Your product photos are too dark. 

Solution: get artificial lights such as a light-box or ring lights from Amazon.

fragrance and candle dark picture and light corrected picture comparison

3 Your product photos are not cohesive, meaning they’re different size images, the background is too busy, the backgrounds are not the same, and there’s no lifestyle picture of your products. 

Solution: use Canva, Photoshop, PicMonkey or any other picture editing software to have one size dimensions where you’ll paste your high-resolution image so that all your pictures will have the same size. Create a template backdrop to keep all your photos looking cohesive, on-brand, and professional.

4 Your website is all over the place, meaning you have your bio on the front page, the menu options are not listed, and your product pictures are all visible on the front page, making your front page super long, busy, clunky, and uninviting. 

Solution: break your front page with banners or subheadings and create a menu option where customers can search by scents, season, size, or collections and have an about me section where customers can read your bio. DON'T place all that information on your front page. You can have a footer menu where you can put more important information but not the focus of your business.

5 You have banners that don't pertain to your candle business; for example, you have furniture banners, but the title says candle favorites like what are you selling, furniture or candles or what is it. 

Solution: have banners that relate to your business or just have subheadings with clickable links and one picture of your item where customers can click and view more.

furniture picture with the wrong heading

6 Your website isn’t animated to retain customers, meaning that you don’t have exit pop-ups to grab customers’ attention before they click out of your website, or you don’t have enticing pop-ups with offers to get your customers to purchase. 

Solution: if you’re using Shopify, they have apps/plug-ins that you can download that can make automating your website easy. Like wise if you're using Square Space, Wix, WordPress, or any other website selling/hosting platform you can download plug ins or any third party apps to automate exit pop-ups.

7 You aren’t collecting emails to retarget future or existing customers. 

Solution: use email marketing software such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or Convert Kit, or check out my email marketing video here.

8 Your product description is generic and filled with stats that a candle consumer could care less about. 

Solution: describe the benefits of your product with vivid descriptions and check out my video on how to write descriptions for your product, where I give you tips on how to improve them. You can also check out my blog post, 15 Tips To Writing A Top Selling Product Description, and read the information.


aroma and roses candle room spray collection


9 You don’t have a target audience, and your tagline isn’t clear, or your branding is convoluted. 

Solution: know your target audience and your market. Check out my branding video here, and my how-to find your target audience video here to get ideas and tips on how to brand your business and how to find your niche/target audience.

10 You’re not advertising your business on social media, or you don’t have a social media presence, or you’re inconsistent on your social. 

Solution: I know that social media is a beast to tackle, but it’s something we need for our brand to be seen and known. Check out my book Candle Making Business Hacks, where you can find helpful tips on social media growth hacks, and on that same note, make sure that your social media page is not a scrolling page of advertisements for your product. Instead, keep your followers engaged and make meaningful business-related posts. 

11 Your website looks exactly like every other candle site; this is especially true for Etsy shops.

Solution: check out other sites and shops and do the opposite to stand out.

12 You’re running too many sales or too frequent sales. Chances are, if people weren’t purchasing your product at the regular price, then they’re probably not going to buy at a sales price. 

Solution: nurture your customers and your followers with the benefits of your product and not by sales. You don’t want people to just come to your website or shop only when you’re running sales, and you won’t reach your sales goal, or you‘ll break even every month because your business is running on sales.



13 Your Pricing is too low. Your products lose value if they’re priced too low. You’ll have people questioning why your items are $10 less than the other shop that sells the exact same candle, and you’ll have people comparing and nick picking your product with the competition. 

Solution: research your market and see what’s the ideal candle price and other items that you sell and price accordingly. Make sure to add just an extra something to give your item that much flare and have customers purchase.

And these were my 13 website mistakes that you are doing that are not getting you sales with helpful tips to correct those mistakes. If you have any more tips let me know in the comment box below. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to like, comment, and follow because by doing so, you let the algorithm know that you enjoy my articles and content, and they'll be easier for other candle makers to find. Follow me on my social media and DM me if you need any help and have questions.

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